Saturday, 21 October 2017

Neighbourly chats قصيدة أحاديث الجيران بالانكليزية

Neighbourly chats
By Ghanim Anaz

On my way from the shop
I usually make a stop
At a garden that invites
Passers-by to its delights

I often see my neighbour
Tending it with hard labour
He spends hours at a time
Keeping it in its prime

I usually stop to chat
And he often waits for that
He would soon stop working
And eagerly start talking

About what you may say?
About the news of that day
About this bit or that thing
 Other times about nothing

A neighbour may join in 
Others would nod and grin
And since we are retired
No hurry seems required

When everything has been said
I start to move ahead
He would say I made him late
I would say he laid the bait

With a grin we both attest
It was nice to have that rest
That to me how life should be
Friendly, cheerful carefree
Watford, Herts, U.K
July 2013

عزيزي ابو القاسم


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