Friday, 1 November 2013




Two old pals, lost for years
Lived between hopes and fears
Met at last amid their cheers
Holding back on their tears
It seems ages since we met
When we were at our best
With no care to hold us back
Or the fear of heart attack

I have aged as you can see
Have you aged as much as me?
Quite as much if not more
It goes with me to the core

As you see I lost my hair
Which had once a nice glare
what is left is very grey
Which will sooner fall away

As you know we used to play
A few games in a single day
Now I find it hard to walk
Just as hard to crack a joke

Tell me now about yourself
Are you still playing golf?
No my dearest not at all
I can hardly see the ball

And no longer drive a car
Nor travel very far
Though I have my hearing aid
I know half of what is said

Why don’t we stop all that talk
And go somewhere for a walk
Where we can enjoy the day
And have some fun on the way
Ghanim Anaz
Watford, Herts, U.K
October 2013



Best of greetings hoping that this finds you and the family well and in good health.

Thank you for the wonderful poem which  almost describes,as one case, our last rendez-vous after some 30 years .

Look forward to more of your wonderful poems
With my best regards to all of our old friends

حازم سلطان
احسنت كالعاده وقد وصفت ما بنا وصفا معبرا
شكرا على الامتاع
الدكتور سالم الشماع

Thank you my friend this so nice and so true.
God bless you and good luck.
موفق الاسعد
That's my favourite one you've written so far Jiddo. I laughed out loud 3 times. Superb:) I have a very talented and clever Grandfather!
عمر العناز