Thursday, 3 November 2016

The River Gade
In the scenic park of Cassiobury
 Watford, Hertfordshire
By : Ghanim Anaz


Gentle as the soft breeze
Sparkles like a baby’s tears
He meanders as he moves
With no sound from his hooves
When he comes to cross the weir
He would jump it like a deer
Clearing it with such an ease
With  music to the ears
On his banks the herons wait
Snapping fish without a bait
Flocks of ducks love to float
On his surface with no boat
I have seen him when he swells
Furiously ringing his bells
He would gallop with no fear
Warning people come no near
I usually sit nearby
Watching the dancing sky
To the tune of a singing bird
One of the best I have heard
September 2016